About Me -
How I got my health back

...with natural remedies and natural healing
despite years of antibiotics

Hello! I'm Karen and I'm your guide on this tour of natural remedies and natural healing methods.

I wrote this website to share what I've learned over the past 20-plus years of studying, living, and working with the natural approach to health.

Dogs are the best natural remedy for all ills. Cats are great, too! © Karen Alison

But I have a confession to make...

With my upbringing, I should never have become involved with natural and organic anything.

Why not?

Because I come from a family of doctors and engineers who thought all this natural healing stuff was “woo-woo.” If a person used natural methods to help other people heal, they were a “quack” or a “health nut” (emphasis on the “nut”.)

My family’s scorn made me curious about natural health – was it really that bad? As a teen, I quietly read a few books and developed a secret passion for health food stores, but that was as far as it went. I kept my interest in the closet.

And I had to wonder...

Delicious blueberries and raspberries are full of antioxidants

If healthy food was in the health food store, what was in the regular grocery store? Disease food?

With two doctor relatives, I had all the latest drugs and antibiotics available to me for the slightest sniffle. There was no shortage of prescriptions in our house. I thought that was perfectly normal. And my relatives certainly meant well.

But in spite of their good intentions, by the time I hit university, things began to go wrong.

I don’t mean wrong as in “OMG, now I have Diabetes / Crohn’s Disease / the Black Plague!”

No, it was nothing that could be diagnosed as a disease. Just a lot of random symptoms that made my life hell to the point where I actually thought I wouldn't live past 30!

It was ridiculous. I was a mess but I had learned to ignore my body and my emotions and pretend that I was fine.

That didn't work too well...

To my surprise, I did make it into my thirties but, by then, I felt like a worn-out elderly person. My quality of life was terrible. Yet my doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

Then one day, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was horrifying to watch her go through the treatments – a lot of them seemed worse than the disease. She was like a guinea pig for cancer drug experiments.

Two years later, she was dead.

I started asking myself questions...

Was my mother the victim of bad luck or was something else going on?

Was I next?

Or was there something I could do to avoid following in her footsteps? Could I take charge of my own health to live a long and happy life?

Suddenly, my secret interest in natural healing and natural remedies exploded out of the closet.

I’d already let conventional medicine tell me how to run my body for most of my life. Now it was time to give the alternative a chance. I leapt in with both feet.

Over the next few years...

I tried out a whole gamut of natural remedies...

  • had all sorts of treatments and therapies 
  • got checked for food reactions
  • cleared the chemicals out of my life
  • had my mercury fillings replaced with composite, and
  • balanced my gut flora from the effects of all those antibiotics – which turned out to be one of the most important things I ever did for my health!

Plus, I spent more time outdoors in nature, hiking in the woods.

Woodland trails are natural remedies for body and spirit © Karen Alison

I tried out different ways to eat: macrobiotic, lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, and Paleo. (Not all at once!)

I took vibrational remedies, flower essences, homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, omega 3 fatty acids, nutraceuticals, green drinks, enzymes, probiotics... you name it.

I used EFT tapping to clear emotional issues, stress, and trauma patterns. I took up meditation and began to live more consciously.

EFT Tapping - a great natural remedy © Karen Alison

Along the way, I completed certificates in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Natural Vision Improvement, and EFT Tapping, and spent several years working in a natural wellness clinic, going to conferences and working at health shows.

I read hundreds of books and articles about natural healing methods, nutrition, remedies and cures. 

What jumped out at me were the teachings of Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Wayne Dyer, Candace Pert, Masaru Emoto, Deepak Chopra, Abraham-Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Bill Harris, Gary Craig, Yogananda, Joseph Murphy and others who went beyond purely physical approaches to health and life.

From them, I learned that how we choose to think and what we choose to focus on creates our health and our reality. I learned how to change my thoughts and focus on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want in my life.

Did it help? Are you kidding?

My life and my health improved so dramatically that other people began to ask me how they could be healthier. I became the go-to girl in my circle for people who had a natural health question. (I published a book about natural health, and developed a website, an audio program, and two ebooks for people with IBS and Crohn’s, but that’s another story.)

It’s no exaggeration to say that natural remedies changed my life.

My random symptoms vanished. Now I feel great, I’m rarely ill, and I have lots of energy. I don't get depressed and if I feel anxious, I know how to deal with it quickly and naturally. My quality of life is extremely high.

I'm really good at being healthy.

That can happen for you, too.

Maybe you’re wondering if it will take you as long to get well as it took me. I doubt it. This website is here to help speed things up for you – because I’ve already done the legwork. You won’t have to make all the mistakes I made, so you can get your good results faster.

Is it worth using natural remedies when you could just pop a pill or wait around for a medical miracle?

Omega 3 fish oil - fatty acids - a natural remedy for brain and body © Karen Alison

I think you know what my answer to that would be. But here’s a thought…

What if I hadn’t done anything about all my “minor” health issues? What if I hadn’t used natural remedies and a natural lifestyle to heal myself?

What if I'd ignored all my symptoms and just kept on doing what I was doing? (which was the advice my doctor gave me when I asked her how I could improve my health.)

Here's my best guess...

By now, I would probably have osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, colitis, diverticulitis or another serious digestive problem, worse weight issues, circulation or heart issues, and problems with sugar and alcohol. I might even have gout or cancer. My emotions would be a wreck with constant depression and anxiety. And I’d be a walking pill bottle.

You might argue with that: “Karen, you’re just guessing. There’s no proof that could have happened.”

Well, that’s fair.

But do you want to know WHY I think I could have ended up with those health problems?

Because that's what happened to my blood relatives!

All those folks who laughed at natural remedies and holistic health have paid a horrible price in suffering and debilitation. Nothing is worse than seeing your loved ones suffer when it could be prevented.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

If they'd been willing to open their minds to new ideas, my belief is that some if not most of that suffering wouldn't have happened. As epigenetics has shown, your choices in life decide whether the genetic tendency for a health problem is switched on or not.

So that’s why I wrote this website. I just don’t believe you have to suffer.

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a natural way to end your own suffering, or the suffering of someone you love. Good on you!

If I did it, you can do it, too.

Do you ever watch TV programs about the medical world? (I'm talking fictional programs here, not documentaries.) They’re always very exciting and dramatic. Lives are saved because of some new high-tech equipment or miracle drug.

But what I’ve learned is that life isn’t like that most of the time.

Health – at least when you have a chronic condition – doesn't require rocket science. You don’t need a PhD to figure it out. But you do need some decent guidelines.

Meditation- natural remedy for body and spirit © Karen Alison

If you want to be healthy, there are some basic principles you need to follow. You’ll learn about them on this site. They are the real natural remedies.

And the bottom line is that YOU are the miracle. Your body and mind do the healing for you when you give them the right conditions, just like a garden grows better when you give it what it needs. Water, sunshine, nutrients, rest, a little pest control, and love.

So please enjoy looking around at the information on this website. It’s here to help you out, whether you’re a newbie to natural remedies and natural healing, or you’re adding to your current knowledge.

I wish you a long, happy, and naturally healthy life!

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