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This worked for me

Is there really such a thing as an allergy cure? Here’s what worked for me to get rid of allergies and intolerances. Try these natural methods yourself if you want the same great results they gave me.

Heal your gut - 
the crucial allergy cure

Gut health is crucial to allergies and intolerances.

Your intestines are full of billions of microbes that are an estimated 60-80% of your immune system.

The good microbes...

  • create vitamins you need to survive
  • help you digest your food
  • exchange signals with your brain (neurotransmitters are in your gut as well as your brain.)
  • help you to stay healthy by killing off cancer cells, viruses, and other pathogenic microbes.

But when toxic microbes take over and you have a leaky gut, you're looking at problems with...

  • allergies
  • rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune conditions
  • neurological problems like ADHD and dementia
  • and inflammation-based health issues.

When you need an allergy cure, chances are good that you need to fix your flora (gut microbes) and heal “leaky gut.”

What is leaky gut?

Leaky gut means there are tiny gaps in the walls of your intestines where food particles and other molecules (bacteria, virus, fungus, pathogens) leak out into your body.

Since fecal matter and other microbes from your intestines are not supposed to be floating around in your bloodstream, your immune system sees them as invaders and fights back.

This sets up an allergic or intolerant reaction that can show up as...

  • skin rashes
  • breathing problems, coughing
  • stomach and digestive upsets
  • food cravings
  • sore muscles
  • baggy eyes
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • joint pain
  • emotional swings
  • dyslexia
  • headaches
  • and more

Many - if not most - of these problems are related to leaky gut and disrupted gut flora!

So, it's essential to allergy cure your gut to stop these symptoms.

How to allergy cure your gut

1. Take probiotics and eat probiotic foods.

Every culture in the world eats some kind of fermented food whether it's sauerkraut, kimchee, yogurt, kefir, miso, or naturally-fermented pickles. Good quality probiotics in supplement form and Kombucha tea are also great choices.

All of these bacteria-rich foods help to restore the natural flora in the digestive tract that is SO important to health and helps to prevent and heal allergies.

To work properly as an allergy cure, fermented vegetables absolutely must be fermented in brine (water and salt) NOT vinegar. If you see vinegar in the ingredient list, you won't get the probiotic benefits.

For some people, probiotics alone are the allergy cure they need.

If you've tried probiotics before and think they don't work, it's probably because...

  1. You didn't take enough.
  2. The probiotics were poor quality and didn't contain enough (or any!) beneficial bacteria. Commercial yogurt is usually not fermented long enough to give you real probiotic value.
  3. You didn't take the probiotics long enough to kill off the pathogens.
  4. You need to...

2. Avoid the foods that make holes in your gut.

Ditto foods that feed the bad bacteria. The worst offenders for leaky gut are gluten grains and dairy foods.

Gluten and gliadin increase zonulin levels in your gut. Zonulin opens up little gaps in your intestinal walls that allow pathogens (harmful microbes) to leak out into your bloodstream.

Allergy cure - cut out dairy and other problem foods © Karen AlisonMoo!

Pathogens such as yeasts and fungus, parasites and bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine also stimulate the production of zonulin.

The foods of the bad bacteria are sugar, refined carbs and yeasty, fermented foods.

If you are a person who craves sweets, yeasty breads, cheese and alcohol, guess what? It’s not you that wants them, it’s the pathogens. (fungi, yeasts, virus, etc.)

They are stealth invaders who are running your body... and your cravings.

Avoiding grains, dairy, sugar and refined carbs may be one of the hardest things you ever do in your life (it was for me.) But, wow, will you ever feel better once you do! Your brain will work better, too. 

And if you're saying, "No way! I am not giving up all those things," I know exactly how you feel. So just try it for one month.

You may find that once you start on probiotics and probiotic foods, your tastes change and you no longer crave sweets as you once did. That happened to me.

Allergy cure - cut out refined carbs like cookies © Karen Alison

The simple way to avoid foods that make holes in your gut is to eat Paleo. When I did this, I was surprised to find out how much of an allergy cure it was for me.

You can also have food testing to find out which foods are worst for you.

3. Use natural, unscented products
for home, laundry and personal care.

This reduces your chemical exposure tremendously and helps your flora to return to normal. Chemicals enter your body through food, breathing, and what you put on your skin. They disrupt your gut bacteria and allow the bad microbes to flourish, which means you could have an allergic flare.

Chemical products (and drugs) put an enormous stress on your immune system and liver, since they have to do the work of clearing out those chemicals to keep you alive and functioning.

Changing to natural and unscented products in my house turned out to be an incredibly important allergy cure. In fact, one of the people in our house was able to stop using a puffer because his asthma symptoms went away almost completely - even with a dog and cat living with us!

See this article on Healthy Living Tips for more info.

4. Give yourself the gift of stress relief...

Many researchers believe that up to 90 percent of our health problems - including allergies and intolerances - are caused by stress.

EFT Tapping

The best technique I've ever found to relieve stress is EFT Tapping, a simple natural method anyone can use.

EFT Tapping may seem like an unusual allergy cure, but it's surprisingly effective for reducing stress and dealing with the underlying emotional triggers of allergies. 

For me, it has speeded up the process of healthy change that's helped me get rid of allergic-type symptoms.

Classic methods for stress relief

Three time-honoured and scientifically-proven ways of relieving stress are:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Spending time in Nature

They've been used for centuries because they work.

Obviously if you go into anaphylactic shock from an allergy, that is a situation that requires medical help. This information is NOT a substitute for appropriate medical care.

Bee pollen

I love the idea of bee pollen as an allergy cure, maybe because bees have been helping us humans for thousands of years, by pollinating the plants that we eat and the flowers that bring beauty into our lives.

allergy cure - bee pollen © Karen AlisonBee bliss

Bee pollen is a time-honoured allergy cure, especially for seasonal allergies to... pollen.

The theory is that you start taking it early in the year before the pollen season starts. This small exposure is supposed to inoculate you against the pollen – a bit like a vaccine. Some people believe eating local honey will do the same thing. Could there be a more delicious remedy for allergies?

Personally, I found my pollen reactions vanished (even to ragweed) when I...

  1. Stopped using chemical products and replaced them with natural and unscented.
  2. Cut out all cereal grains and changed to Paleo foods.
  3. Reduced my stress level with EFT Tapping.
  4. Used Louise Hay affirmations and changed my thinking to a positive outlook.

If you use bee pollen as an allergy cure, please tell us about your experience with it.

So, is there such a thing as an allergy cure? In my experience, healing the gut, using natural products instead of chemical ones, tapping to relieve stress, and using Louise Hay affirmations has made an enormous difference.  

I know it's not as quick or easy as taking a pill, but it's been worth the effort. There are no side effects that I know of and, as the years go by, I feel better and healthier than ever!

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