How to Stop Dry Skin 

Dry skin - what a pain! Wouldn't you rather have luscious, beautiful skin that feels good and looks great? Here are seven natural tips to help you protect your amazing skin and keep it from turning to sandpaper.

1. Avoid antibacterial soaps,
sodium lauryl sulphate, and skin products that contain alcohol.

These chemicals are incredibly drying and will strip the natural oils right out of your skin - even if they are in moisturizers or lotions.

Skin products containing alcohol will dry your skin, even if they are lotions or moisturizers. © Karen Alison

Sodium lauryl sulphate is a common ingredient in shampoos and soaps, dish soaps and household cleaners. Yikes – it’s everywhere! So read labels carefully.

Hand sanitizers and deodorant soaps are also hard on skin.

There is no good evidence that anti-bacterial soaps work any better than regular soap. The length of time you wash your hands is more important.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that you need to wash your hands back and front with soap for at least 20 seconds to remove pathogens (bad microbes.)

Before all these soaps came along, our skin had a natural bacterial layer that, strangely enough, kept our skin clean, deodorized, soft and supple.

This “ammonia-oxidizing bacteria” also reduced inflammation and enhanced immunity. But with all our harsh cleansers, we’ve lost this protective layer and our skin has dried out.

So use the gentlest and most natural soaps you can find. Cleaners for dishes, household cleaning jobs, tubs and sinks touch your hands and can cause dry skin so choose natural versions.

Rubber gloves protect your skin. © Karen Alison

And wear rubber gloves or thin latex-type gloves to protect your skin when you're doing cleaning jobs or anything that involves water, like preparing vegetables. Gloves prevent dryness and keeps you from absorbing whatever is in the cleaners you use.

FYI, if it’s on your skin, you absorb it, so don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t want in your liver or bloodstream.

Beware of the word “fragrance” in the list of ingredients on the label. No matter how natural the rest of the product, “fragrance” means chemicals. Don’t buy it.

2. Don’t soap your face

The skin of your face is quite delicate. Don’t put soap on it unless you really want to dry it out. Instead, wash your face gently with a wet washcloth for stimulation or just splash warm water on it.

If your skin is too delicate even for that, instead of washing your face, just spritz it with purified water and blot dry.

Then make sure to start adding skin nutrients into your diet to enhance your skin quality and use the rest of the tips in this article to prevent further thinning and drying of skin.

3. Is your skin dry from
progestins or low thyroid?

Dr. John Lee mentions these two causes of dry skin:

  • Progestins – found in birth control pills but not found anywhere in Nature!
  • Low thyroid (hypothyroidism)

He says that the symptoms of low thyroid are similar to those of progesterone deficiency. If you are approaching or in menopause and your thyroid test is normal, he suggests that you may need some natural progesterone cream.

According to Dr. Lee, oral progesterone and synthetic progestins will not help the situation.

You’ll find more information in his excellent books.

4. Humidify!

Have you ever been in a tropical greenhouse or in the rainforest? It’s practically impossible to have dry skin in a place like that because there’s so much moisture in the air. Humidity is Nature’s home remedy for dry skin.

If you live in a dry place or it’s winter and your heating system dries out your skin, put a humidifier near where you sit or work, or put a bowl of water near the heating vent to help moisturize the air and your skin.

5. The “beauty sleep”
home remedy for dry skin

Sleep is one of the best natural remedies for dry skin ever. Lack of sleep can really dry out your skin and make it look old and tired.


Because when you sleep, your body is healing itself and resting from the stresses of the day. When you don’t sleep, your dry skin doesn’t get the repair it needs.

The fact is, in terms of your survival, your skin isn’t that important. For you to stay alive, your brain, your heart, and your internal organs are WAY more critical than luscious skin.

So when you don’t get much sleep, your body focuses on the needs of the essential parts of you. Your skin goes to the end of the list and ends up looking – and feeling – bad.

Maybe that’s why a good night’s rest is called “beauty sleep.”

6. De-stress

You’ve probably noticed that when you are stressed, worried or anxious, it shows in your skin. This is because stress burns up nutrients that could have gone to your skin, keeps you awake when you need to sleep, and gives you a worried face that turns into wrinkles.

Dry skin is a sign of adrenal fatigue and too much cortisol - the stress hormone - flooding your body.

EFT Tapping is the best way I've found to de-stress. © Karen AlisonEFT Tapping points

The best way I’ve found to de-stress is to use EFT tapping.

It’s a great home remedy for dry skin because it helps you to reduce anxiety, feel more confident, relax and sleep better, and make healthy choices in your life. 

When your past has programmed you to choose sweets or other addictive substances that harm your skin, you can use EFT Tapping to change that programming to skin-supporting thoughts and habits.

7. Detox your life to heal your skin

Didn’t I already talk about avoiding chemicals in cleaners and soaps? Well, if you want luscious skin, you need to avoid them in the other products you use, your water and the food you eat.

In her book, Tired of Being Tired, Dr. Jesse Hanley says that when you get the toxic chemicals out of your life – or at least avoid them as much as you can – you will…

  • “Have softer, smoother skin with less wrinkles...”
  • “Stop and even reverse accelerated aging.”

Nobody’s lifestyle is perfect – nor can it be when it comes to chemicals because we are so surrounded by petrochemical products, plastics and environmental toxins in the 21st century.

Doesn’t matter. Reducing the level of toxins in your life is still a great home remedy for dry skin. It helps you avoid false hormones (xeno-hormones) that impact skin quality.

It also protects you from cancer and other serious diseases and degenerative conditions like dementia and arthritis.

Want to know more about how to detox your life for better skin and health? Read these Healthy Living Tips.

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