EFT Tapping for Allergies -
Fast Relief with Energy Healing

EFT tapping for allergies is a simple, painless energy healing technique that reduces stress fast.

Why is reducing stress important for allergies? 

Because many people with allergies feel unsafe in the world and feeling unsafe is VERY stressful.

"Stress is the ultimate cause of disease," says Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, and that includes allergies.

Stress puts you into a constant fight or flight mode of hyper-vigilance where your brain is always looking for ways to protect you. But some of that is over-protection, like when you're being "protected" from eating strawberries or walnuts.

Did you know that people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) can have allergies when they are in one identity, and be free of allergies in another personality? This shows that it's the brain that creates the allergic pattern, not the body.

EFT Tapping for allergies can help you change that pattern.

Obviously if you go into anaphylactic shock from an allergy, that is a situation that requires medical help. EFT Tapping is NOT a substitute for appropriate medical care.

What causes stress? Lots of things...

  • Dangerous situations
  • Feeling unsafe in the world (even if you’re not in an acutely dangerous situation)
  • Worries about money, work, school or relationships
  • Feeling lonely and isolated
  • Chemical pollution at work or in your home
  • Noise pollution
  • No private space
  • Too little contact with nature (even looking at a picture of a natural scene has been proven to speed healing and calm stress)
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor food choices

Some of these things you can change and some you can’t.

If you’re a fire fighter, your work involves dangerous situations. You could get another job, but you might love what you do and not want to give it up. If you’re caught in a war zone, you may not be able to get out easily.

But most of us are not in emergency or war situations on a regular basis. So what is stressing you?

It’s not the actual events in your life but the way you react to them.

The problem for most urban people in the 21st century is that our fight or flight mechanism is switched on ALL the time and flooding our bodies with cortisol. So we never really relax. Your survival brain is always telling you to run away from the sabre-toothed tiger, but there's no tiger.

EFT Tapping will help to calm your brain so your body doesn't over-react to situations. It has also proven to lower cortisol levels.

Your brain creates patterns out of what it learns from your life experiences. Some of these patterns are useful but a lot of them are NOT. Especially when they lead to allergy symptoms.

So, if an allergy is a learned brain pattern then you have the power to change that pattern! EFT tapping for allergies will help you change old patterns by teaching your brain a new and calmer pathway to follow when you're in a situation you perceive as stressful.

How to use EFT tapping for allergies

Allergy cure-eft-tapping

Don’t know how to tap?  Learn how here.

To use EFT tapping for allergies, I've given you two different tapping scripts. They are a place to start, to give you some ideas about how you can work with the tapping.

Remember, they are only suggestions. You can always change the words to suit your own situation.

And you don't have to use any words if you don't want to. You can just focus on the symptoms you're having and tap through the points. For example, if your nose is running and eyes are watering, keep your attention on that while you tap. It can be as simple as that.

Fill in the blank in this EFT tapping script with a word or two such as “pollen” or “perfume smells” or whatever allergen you want to focus on.

EFT Tapping for allergies -
symptoms and brain pattern

Set Up:

KC: Even though I’m allergic to [substance that causes allergic reaction] _______________, I prefer to feel strong and healthy.
KC: Even though I have an allergic reaction to: ______________, it’s only a brain pattern and I’ve decided to change it.
KC: Even though I don't feel safe in the world, I'm open to a better possibility.

Rounds 1 & 2:

EB: I’m afraid of ______________________
SE: It gives me allergy symptoms
UE: I don’t like them
UN: This allergic reaction to _______________
CH: I hate these symptoms
CB: They make me feel terrible
UA: I’m afraid _______________ is stronger than I am
H:  This old brain pattern no longer serves me

Repeat for Round 2

Round 3:

EB: I choose to feel safe in the world
SE: I no longer need this allergic brain pattern
UE: It’s an old reaction that no longer serves me
UN: I let it go now
CH: I am stronger than ________________
CB: I am safe in the world
UA: I release this allergic brain pattern from all levels of my being
H:  It feels great to be free of it!

Take a deep refreshing breath, and let it out.

Before we get to the next EFT tapping script for allergies, here's something that can help...

Use your mind to dissolve allergies 

The great teacher, Louise Hay, says...

It’s not WHAT you’re allergic to, but WHO you’re allergic to.”

And over a century earlier, Oscar Wilde said, "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."

What does that have to do with allergies?

When you love and accept yourself, you are much less likely to "be allergic" to someone else because they will have far less impact on you.

Is there someone in your life you just can’t stand being around? Are you giving away your power to that person? Or perhaps someone took advantage of being in a position of authority to treat you unfairly when you were a child. Your body is giving you a message with your allergy symptoms!

(By the way, this is NOT about blaming the victim, but about recognizing a possible emotional stuck place to release so it no longer bothers you.)

More healing affirmations are in Louise Hay's book and film: You Can Heal Your Life © Karen Alison

Louise Hay suggests that you think of yourself as being safe in the world and at peace. She offers these affirmations...

I am safe in the world. I am at peace. The world is a friendly place.”

When you repeat these statements many times a day and whenever you feel stressed, you reprogram your brain. The old thoughts of fear and threat are shifted off-line by the new brain pattern. As you reinforce this new pattern through repetition, your body no longer needs to create allergies in your life.

Repeating Louise Hay's affirmations also brings you into the present moment. Dr. Robert Scaer, the renowned traumatologist, says, "When you are in the present, the amygdala is silent." The amygdala is the alarm center of your brain.

Personally, I find that using the Louise Hay statements with EFT tapping for allergies speeds up the process.

More EFT Tapping for allergies

Here’s another tapping script, this time using Louise Hay’s idea that, “It’s not WHAT you’re allergic to, but WHO you’re allergic to.”

This time, fill in the blanks with the name of a person you find stressful.

Work on just one person at a time. Do NOT try to stuff three different people into the same tapping, or a group of people such as “everybody at work.” Pick the worst offenders and do a separate tapping script for each one.

EFT Tapping for allergies
when stressed by another person

Set Up:

KC: Even though I feel stressed by [person’s name]______________, I accept myself anyway
KC: Even though I feel powerless around [name] ___________________ , I claim back my power now.
KC:Even though I’m allergic to [name]_________________, I choose to believe that I am safe and the world is friendly to me.

Rounds 1 & 2:

EB: I’m stressed by [name] ____________________
SE: I feel powerless around him/her.
UE: My body translates that into allergies
UN: I don’t feel safe around ________________
CH: I’ve given my power away to him/her.
CB: I’m allergic to _____________________
UA: I react to him/her with all these symptoms
H:  I’m reacting with allergies to ______________


Round 3:

EB: What if it doesn’t have to be that way?
SE: What if I claim my own power back?
UE: I prefer to believe that the world is a safe and friendly place.
UN: I’m willing to let go of my fear of ___________________
CH: I’d rather be at peace with life.
CB: I can choose a healthier way to react to _______________
UA: I’m ready to release these allergies/this allergy
H:  I choose to love myself and feel safe in the world.

Take a deep, relaxing breath and let it out.

Use these scripts for EFT Tapping for allergies regularly, or make up your own. Tapping is a very forgiving process, so don't worry about getting it exactly "right."

You'll find more help for allergies in the articles below.

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