EFT Tapping – How To Tap

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EFT tapping is a natural healing technique I love. Once you learn the process, you can use it to neutralize emotional stress or relieve physical symptoms.

As founder, Gary Craig says, "Try it on everything!"

There are basically two things to remember about how to tap:

  1. Think about a specific problem or issue.
  2. While focussing on that issue, tap on certain points on your face and torso. (We’ll get to where these are in a minute.)

If you read this article on a computer or tablet, you'll find a longer version with photos of each tapping point.


If you don't have time to read a whole page of written instructions, no worries! Just look at the drawing above that shows the tapping points or scroll down to see the photos of where each point is located. Now, pretend you're talking to a friend about whatever is bothering you. (Or where it hurts, if it's a physical symptom.) Tap on each point while you talk about your issue. Keep tapping until you feel better.

Would you prefer to watch a video about How To Tap? This is a video I shot of my colleague, Kathy, for our IBS website and I think you'll find the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Now, on with the written instructions...

How to figure out if the issue is specific or general...

The word “always” tells you that you’re not focussing on a specific issue. (e.g. "My dad always yelled at me." or "I always get headaches.") 

Never” is another word to watch out for. ("I never do well on tests."

Saying “always” or “never” usually means you’re thinking generally about a big slice of time or lumping together a bunch of events in your life.

It helps to focus on ONE ISSUE or symptom when doing EFT tapping...

For example: "My dad yelled at me when I was seven and I broke his favourite coffee mug."

"I have a headache in the back of my head."

"I'm nervous about the test this afternoon."

EFT Tapping the simple way

Think about your specific problem or issue and tap on the points as shown below.

While you tap each point, say (or think) a Reminder Phrase, like "This headache" or "I'm anxious about the test."

Use two fingers and tap lightly about ten times in each spot (yes, it's okay if it's not exactly ten.) No pounding allowed! EFT tapping is not about hurting yourself.

Tap on each of the points and then do a second round or circuit.

Check how you feel after these two rounds of tapping. Better, but not as great as you’d like? Tap another round or two. Keep your focus on the specific problem.

Where are the EFT tapping points?

EFT tapping points
  1. Start tapping on the point where your Eyebrow begins above your nose. (Eyebrow or EB point)
  2. Next tap on the bone at the Side of your Eye. (SE)
  3. Tap on your cheekbone directly Under your Eye. (UE)
  4. Now tap below your Nose. (N)
  5. Tap in that indent below your lower lip and above your Chin. (CH)
  6. Now tap the Collar Bone (CB) points. They are in that indent just below your collarbone and above your first rib. Find the center of your breast bone (clavicle) and go out about two inches on either side. These points might be a bit sore at first.
  7. Next is the Under Arm point. (UA) It is not right in your armpit but about a hand's width below that, on your side.
  8. Finally, tap on the very centre of the top of your Head. (H)
  9. The point on the side of your hand is the Karate Chop (KC) point because it's right where you'd chop someone. You tap it when you're using a Set-Up statement (explained below.)

Start with your Eyebrow (EB) point, tapping on the place where your eyebrow begins above your nose. You can use both hands to tap on both eyebrows or you can just tap on one side. It will still work. Tap, tap, tap!


Then move to the Side of Eye (SE). Tap on the bone next to your eye, not on your eye itself.


Under Eye (UE): tap on the bone under your eye (the front of your cheek) not on your eye socket. Your eyes are delicate so never tap on them directly.


Under Nose (UN). Just use one hand for this one.


Chin (CH). The Chin point is actually in that little dip between your bottom lip and where your chin starts to jut out, not on the chin itself.


Collar Bone (CB): Find your breastbone or sternum at the base of your throat. Now move your fingers out about two inches on either side of that center point. Now feel your actual collar bones and move your fingers down so they are on the underside of the collar bones. You’re on the collarbone points.

If you know acupressure or acupuncture, these are the K27 points.

Some people find that these points feel sore or tender when they tap on them. That means you likely need to work with these points. Tapping will help.


The Under Arm (UA) point is not in your armpit. Go down the side of your body about a hand’s width below your armpit and you’ll find the point. For women, this is the place where your bra goes from the front of your body to the back.


Top of Head (H). How to find this point? Put your fingers at the tops of your ears. Now move them straight up to the top of your head. The point is there, in the middle of your head (not the front or the back) Use one hand to tap this point. If you like, you can tap in a tiny circle on that point on the top of your head.

How to tap using a Set Up Statement

This is the way I learned EFT tapping. In this version, you use a Set-Up Statement before you tap the circuit of points on your face and body. 

It’s very effective and it helps to focus your mind on the issue.

Do you always need a set-up statement?


But it helps to learn how to do it, because the Set-up stops something called “Psychological Reversal” which can keep the tapping from working well.

Creating your Set-Up Statement for EFT Tapping

Once you have your specific issue to focus on, you create a “Set-up statement.”

The set-up statement has two parts. The first part states the problem or issue. The second part states a positive direction or affirmation for your mind to head towards.

Whenever you use a Set-up statement, you begin it with the words, “Even though…”

Here are a couple of examples:

"Even though I have this headache, I choose to relax and feel fine."

"Even though I'm anxious about the meeting this afternoon, I deeply and completely accept myself."

You repeat the statement three times while you tap on the side of your hand - on the Karate Chop point. It’s called that because it’s right where you would hit someone if you gave them a karate chop.


The Karate Chop (KC) point is on the side of your hand - where you'd give someone a karate chop. Use this point for the Set Up statement.

Examples of how to create a Set-up Statement

Let's say this is your issue:

“I’m nervous about giving the presentation on widgets I have to make at work (or school) this afternoon and my stomach is upset.”

Okay, this is actually two issues, even though they’re related.

  1. “I’m nervous about giving the presentation” is one.
  2. “My stomach is upset” is the other.

I would do the EFT tapping on one at a time. Here’s how to make each of them into a Set-up statement. Remember that you begin with the words, “Even though…”

A set-up statement about being nervous
about the presentation:

“Even though I’m nervous about giving the presentation this afternoon, I choose to feel calm and relaxed.”

And/or: “Even though I’m nervous about giving the widget presentation, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

And/or: “Even though I’m nervous about the presentation, I prefer to feel calm and confident.”

Here’s a set-up statement
for your upset stomach:

“Even though my stomach is upset, I choose to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed.”

And/or: “Even though my stomach is upset, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

And/or: “Even though my stomach is upset, I prefer to relax and digest my food easily and comfortably.”

Putting it together

  1. Repeat your Set-up Statement three times while you tap on the side of your hand - on the Karate Chop point.
  2. Tap on the points on your face and torso. At each point, say or think a reminder phrase (e.g. "this headache" or "this anxiety" or "my stomach hurts" - whatever issue you are focussed on.
  3.  Tap two rounds. You do NOT need to repeat the Set-up statement while tapping on the face and body points.
  4. If you feel you need to tap another round or two, that's fine. It's a flexible process. The idea is to reduce the intensity of your distress.

What's a reminder phrase?

Your reminder phrase could be as simple as saying, “The presentation” or “I’m nervous” or “my upset stomach” at each point, as you tap. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a few words that keep your mind on the specific problem while you're doing the EFT tapping.

Gauging your level of distress

While you don't need to do this, you can gauge your level of distress or intensity with a number.

Here's how...

Before you start tapping, check in with yourself and rate your issue or symptom on a scale of 0 to 10. Zero equals no intensity, no stress. Ten means the issue is extremely stressful or painful.

Not sure how bad the issue or symptom is? Just guess. Your guess is usually accurate.

After you tap, check in with yourself again and give the issue another number rating. If it started at a 10, is it down to a 6 or 7? Is it up to a 12? Keep tapping!

Ideally, you want to tap down to a 0 or 1. This may not always be possible. Sometimes, if you wait for a few minutes after tapping, you'll notice a shift.

If the issue or pain is extremely intense, you may want to work with a professional EFT practitioner who is qualified to help you stay safe when working on very deep or traumatic issues.

Where do you want to end up?

Now here’s something that really helps. After you tap two or more rounds on the problem, you can tap on that positive thought at the end of your Set-up statement.

This is called “tapping in the positive.” You’re basically instructing your cells and nervous system to go in a new direction that will have a better outcome.

Your brain is a direction-seeking device, so it’s a great idea to give it something positive to move towards. Once you’ve reduced the intensity of the problem with EFT tapping, you make a positive statement about where you want to end up and give that to your brain to work with.

So, to use our examples, you would tap a round on the points on your head and torso, while you repeat this Reminder Phrase:

“I feel calm and confident.”

Or: “I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Or: “I relax and feel fine.”

Say one of these phrases at each tapping point. Then notice how you feel. I’m guessing you will have begun to feel more relaxed.

If not, there may be another issue you need to tap on.

Peeling the layers of the onion

For example, imagine you decide to do some EFT tapping on when you were five and your mother yelled at you for pulling the head off your sister’s doll.

You tap on the fear you felt back then and neutralize it. Then you realize you no longer feel scared about that incident. Now another emotion surfaces.

Maybe it’s anger. You felt - or feel - mad at your mother for being unfair to you. After all, you were just a little kid! It was only a doll, not a priceless heirloom. So you tap on that and get it out of your system.

As you tap on these different emotions, it's like peeling the layers of an onion. Pretty soon you discover there's nothing left of the issue that bothers you any more! Then you really are FREE from its effects.

Why bother with EFT Tapping?

Why would you bother doing all this EFT Tapping?

I think Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, put it best. Dr Kabat-Zinn teaches Mindfulness Meditation. He created the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

He says that, as you go through life and things happen, it’s as if your negative experiences go into a bag that you drag behind you.

As the years go by, more stuff goes into the bag. Over time, it gets longer and longer so it’s harder and harder to keep dragging it. Moving forward gets more difficult. (You don’t have to drag along your good experiences. They float.)

Trying to drag all these old negative experiences around is very tiring and can make you sick or give you a chronic health problem.

But EFT tapping helps you throw out the stuff in that bag.

Does that mean that, after you tap, you no longer remember what happened to you? That might happen. But it’s more typical that even though you remember what happened, it no longer bothers you.

Isn’t that wonderful? Now you can move through life feeling good, knowing that the difficult events of your life are NOT holding you back or making you sick.

Is there a better reason to try EFT tapping? I don't think so. That’s why I think it’s one of the best and most powerful natural remedies you can use to heal almost anything in your life. Try it for yourself!

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