EFT Tapping - What Is It?

EFT Tapping – also called the Emotional Freedom Techniques or meridian tapping – is one of the most exciting and fast-acting natural remedies I’ve found in over 20 years. It seems to help with almost any health condition or emotional problem!

Eyebrow Point. EFT Tapping helps with almost any health condition or emotional issue. © Karen Alison

Have you ever felt upset or stressed and ended up with a headache or stomach ache? Ever been so scared, you felt sick with fear? Ever seen someone get so angry, you thought they would burst a blood vessel or have a stroke?

If you have, you know that emotions have a powerful effect on your physical health. In fact, old emotional issues and painful memories could be causing your chronic health problem. Some researchers believe that up to 90 percent of health problems are caused by stress.

So does that mean you should spend the next 20 years in therapy?

Absolutely not, according to Gary Craig, founder of the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Instead, try EFT Tapping, a simple process you can do yourself. 

Tapping neutralizes the EXCESS emotion that leads to chronic stress and physical health problems.

"A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom."
- Dr. Joe Dispenza

So what exactly is EFT Tapping?

You use your fingers to tap lightly on specific points on your face, body and head while you focus on a physical or emotional issue. How simple is that?

Too simple? Sounds ridiculous? Yet it has worked for people all over the world to relieve problems with:

  • sleep and insomnia
  • anxiety and fears
  • physical and emotional pain and distress
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • food cravings and weight loss
  • addictions
  • a huge variety of health problems
  • stress
  • phobias
  • anger
  • performance issues with work or sports
  • fear of public speaking or taking tests

The points that you tap on are not just any random points. They are actually tiny energy centers discovered around 5,000 years ago by Chinese healers. Those healers found that there is a life force or energy that flows through everything, even our bodies. They called it Chi or Qi.


In our bodies, our chi flows along certain pathways called “meridians.” When a distressing or traumatic event happens – you’re late for an important meeting, you have an argument with your sister, you’re in a car accident, you get to the exam room and realize you can’t remember anything you studied – your chi short-circuits. Your natural flow of energy stops at some point along those meridians.

Just like when the electricity in your house short circuits, things stop working.

When that happens in your body, you end up with physical health problems. They can be almost anything you can think of, including:

  • chronic pain
  • headaches, stomach aches
  • muscle tension
  • skin flare-ups
  • chronic or recurring ailments
  • inflammatory conditions
  • emotional eating and weight gain (or loss)
  • IBS and other digestive issues
  • accidents and injuries
  • an unexpected cold or flu
  • sleep disturbances 

Or you could have feelings of anger, anxiety, fear or other emotions that keep you from moving forward in your life.

Tapping on the “meridian points” will get the flow going again.

The tapping points are the same points that are used in Shiatsu massage and acupuncture, except that in EFT Tapping, no needles are used. Using your fingers on the meridian points is called acupressure. That’s why EFT is sometimes called acupressure tapping or meridian tapping.

How does EFT Tapping help?

Tapping helps by restoring the flow of energy that gets blocked when something upsets you. It brings you back into balance so your body can heal itself.   

After tapping, instead of feeling angry or scared or anxious, you feel neutral. You’re okay. Now you can choose a different way to respond when a similar situation happens. How great is that?

Let’s imagine you have a headache from a stressful argument with your spouse. What’s really interesting is that, when you tap on the stress and free up your blocked energy, most of the time your headache will go away. (Unless you are dehydrated or your headache is because of a reaction to a chemical you’re wearing or inhaling like perfume or paint fumes.)

Once you clear your blocked energy, you no longer react to the stress in the same way. So the next time you see your spouse, you’re much less likely to get into an argument and end up with a headache. You become more resilient.

Does this mean that if you have a lot of stress, you’ll have to spend all day every day tapping?

No, of course not!

The beauty of EFT is that when you tap on the big stresses in your life and neutralize your reaction to them, the little stresses seem to clear up by themselves. This is called a “generalizing effect.”

Why does it work?

The truth is, nobody really knows, just as no one knows why your body heals itself when you get a cut or a bruise.

I don’t understand exactly why or how my laptop works either. That doesn’t stop me from using it. In my humble opinion, when something works this well, the wise choice is to use it and wait for the scientific research to catch up.

One theory is that EFT tapping helps to re-program the way your brain responds to triggers.

Every experience you have leaves a trail in the brain. When that experience is a powerful one, or it's repeated over and over, the brain trail gets bigger.

So, for example, if you feel anxious around someone in your life (your dad? Your boss? Your prof?), that reaction carves a pathway in your brain. The next thing you know, you get triggered into anxiety by anyone who reminds you of that person. That could be a lot of people!

Not good.

But with EFT tapping, you can change your brain pattern, so you no longer react to the person with anxiety. Phew! Life becomes a lot calmer and people stop reminding you of your dad or your boss.

To sum up, EFT Tapping is:

  • A simple self-healing technique based on acupressure (like acupuncture but NO needles.) You use your fingers to tap lightly on specific healing points on your face and torso. Here's how to tap.
  • A method of focussing on a physical or emotional issue while you tap to keep yourself in balance. Normally, you would go out of balance because of that issue leading to increased stress, pain or difficulty.
  • A way to teach your brain new neural pathways to follow so that you no longer have a bad reaction when you think of a challenging or painful event or health problem in your life.
  • A surprisingly effective way to relieve stress, anxiety, phobias and addictions and shift from an unhealthy response to life to a healthy one. Gary Craig, founder of EFT tapping, says it “often works when nothing else does.”
  • A technique to reduce physical pain and symptoms by addressing the underlying emotional and/or energy disruptions.

So try EFT Tapping and see what you think.

After all, there have been no known side effects. What do you have to lose, except problems and health issues you don’t want?

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