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Do you have health questions or questions about natural remedies or home remedies? This is the place to ask them and find answers.

What's more... we're very interested in hearing YOUR story, comments and ideas! ("We" means me and visitors to this site.) I don't know about you, but I learn a lot from other people's experiences.

So, if you have had success with a remedy, natural treatment, recipe or health book that worked for you, please share your story. When telling us about your success, you can remain anonymous if you wish, so do go into detail…

  • Describe or name the condition you had
  • Was it mild? Severe?
  • Did you use more than one remedy or treatment?
  • Tell how you used the remedy (did you swallow it in pill form, was it a liquid you drank, or a lotion you massaged into your joints, or an old home remedy you applied to your skin twice a day for a week?)
  • Explain what it did for you and how it helped your symptoms so we understand the “Before” and “After”

Asking your health questions

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Please make sure you have entered it correctly – it will not appear on the website. It is used to let you know when your question has been answered, so you can find it on this site. And sometimes I answer a question by email, so it helps me respond to you.

If you don’t see the answer to your health question, it’s because…

  • I haven’t had time to answer it yet – there’s only one of me and only 24 hours in the day!
  • Someone else has asked the same question, so scroll down and look at the list of reader questions.
  • The answer is in an article on this site, so check the articles on that topic. You can locate remedies for different health conditions in the navigation menu on the left and in the Site Map.

A few small (but necessary) points...

  • You don't have to put your name on your story unless you want to, so you can ask your question or tell us about your healing success and remain private.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please do NOT include website URLs or product links in your story because the system will reject them (and your story.)
  • For legal reasons, I have to state that all stories are anecdotes only and are the personal opinions of the people who submitted them. 
  • Any answers provided are not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition or problem whatsoever. Any health tips and success stories you read on are not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological treatment and we are not responsible for the reliability, validity, or accuracy of any information you read on this site. By continuing to submit your question, tip or story, you agree to be bound by our Disclaimer policy.


Okay, now that's dealt with, let's get on to YOUR question or story...

Ask Your Question or Tell Your Story

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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