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How to stop tooth decay
and save your teeth

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When it comes to home remedies for toothache, there is a way to stop tooth decay so you’ll never have tooth pain again.


If you want to have healthy teeth without cavities for the rest of your life, it really comes down to giving your body the right nutrients.

Healthy, cavity-free teeth © Karen Alison

These are the real home remedies for toothache because they allow your jaw and teeth to form properly, and protect them from going bad. If you’re like me and you already have a mouthful of cavities from childhood, the right nutrition will keep you from having any more tooth problems.

Even though this information has been available for a century, most of us don’t know about it.

Back in the 1930’s, a dentist named Dr. Weston Price travelled the world to look at what was happening to people’s teeth in different cultures from Scotland to Australia. He was the research director of the National Dental Association (now the American Dental Association) and he was very concerned about how the modern diet and lifestyle were affecting health.

Dr. Price discovered that people who ate their traditional diet had healthy, cavity-free teeth even without brushing and flossing!

These folks didn’t need any home remedies for toothache because they were all virtually immune to cavities. Their tooth problems didn’t start until they began to eat modern processed and refined foods – now called SAD or the Standard American Diet.

As you can guess, traditional diets did NOT include white sugar, white flour, soft drinks, processed “foods,” chemical preservatives and dyes, margarine or deep-fat frying.

On the other hand, they did contain high levels of minerals and vitamins – especially fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These nutrients are the true home remedies for toothache – or tooth decay – since they will keep you from getting sore teeth in the first place!

Fat-soluble vitamins –
vital home remedies to prevent toothache

Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, says that you can actually remineralize your teeth by eating the right diet. He tells you how to heal cavities (and much more) in his excellent book.

He also recommends a top-quality fish oil with high bio-available levels of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D.

Vitamins A and D in top quality fish oil protect your teeth © Karen Alison

Unfortunately, many fish oils are not processed properly, so you don’t get the nutrients and tooth protection you need.

A side benefit I noticed when I started taking this oil was that my energy levels increased, even after I quit caffeine.

What do these vitamins do for your teeth?

I learned from a mercury-free dentist that when you take vitamins A and D together, they signal DNA to make two proteins which are activated by vitamin K2.

One protein takes calcium out of the blood and puts it into bones and teeth. The other scavenges ectopic (excess or abnormal) calcium so you don’t get bone spurs or have excess calcium deposits forming on your teeth.

What are the best foods
to stop tooth decay?

The optimal diet for teeth seems to be a Paleo or “primitive” style of eating. I find the term “primitive” funny because all it means is that you eat real food, like...

Nuts - real nutrition for your teeth © Karen Alison
  • meat, poultry,
  • fish, seafood,
  • eggs,
  • vegetables,
  • nuts, seeds,
  • a little fruit, and
  • excellent quality fats and oils. 

These are the foods that feed your body and brain with real nutrition. You need a wide range of vitamins and minerals to stay physically and mentally healthy, keep your emotions balanced and have healthy teeth.

Worst foods for your teeth

On the other hand, the foods of civilization, like white bread, white sugar, soft drinks, junk food, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners and processed dairy foods harm more than your teeth.

They make you cranky, fat and foggy-brained, burn up the minerals your teeth need to stay intact and cause health problems ranging from Alzheimer’s to diabetes, cancer to depression, arthritis to osteoporosis, and more. Not a pretty picture!

What about dairy?

Dairy is the top food allergen in the industrialized world, perhaps because of how it is processed, so most of us don’t do well with it. But people in traditional cultures drank raw milk and ate raw-milk cheeses apparently without problems.

Some nutritionists say that, unless you have allergies or celiac disease, you can eat grass-fed dairy and properly prepared whole grains – things that are not easy to find in the modern world of agribusiness. In Cure Tooth Decay, Nagel explains how to prepare grains and choose the right dairy products and the very best fats to support your health and teeth.

So, as it turns out, the best home remedies for toothache – if you want to stop tooth decay and save your teeth – are the foods and top quality supplements you consume. They’re also the best way to keep yourself healthy for a long and active life.

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