Muscle Activation Techniques...

Solved My Chronic Muscle Pain
and "Joint Problems"!

What are Muscle Activation Techniques or M.A.T.? If you’ve never heard of it and you have chronic muscle pain or joint issues - or pain that you fear is arthritis or degeneration - keep reading!

M.A.T. is an amazing natural healing method that resolves muscle injuries and joint problems.

Whether you're a young elite athlete or a mature "chair athlete" - or anyone in between - Muscle Activation Techniques will help you to relieve pain and improve functioning.

It solved my shoulder and knee problems, and I didn't even know they were muscle problems. I thought the shoulder was a tendon problem and the knee was from joint degeneration. But, despite these incorrect diagnoses from a doctor and a chiropractor, it turned out that they weren't either of those things...

M.A.T. to the rescue!

I first heard about M.A.T. and its benefits from my fitness-coach nephew. What he told me made so much sense that I decided to visit a practitioner, named Sue Anne, about a painful shoulder injury I’d had for several years. I fell on my back while hiking and the injury had never entirely gone away. 

What really astonished me was that, even though I'd had the problem for such a long time (4 or 5 years), Sue Anne was able to deal with it in one session!

My pain was gone and didn't return AND my arm worked properly again.

What happens in a Muscle Activation
Techniques session?

By testing various muscles with applied kinesiology, Sue Anne determined which muscles in my arm and shoulder had “switched off” – or had gone weak and didn’t return to normal – when I fell.

To re-activate the muscles, she pressed points at their origins and insertions (attachment points.) Apparently, this signals the brain to switch the muscle back into functioning mode.

It's a very targeted process, customized to your own body, and it works!

Follow-up exercises
speed the healing

But M.A.T. isn’t all about the practitioner. I had to do my part as well…

Sue Anne gave me a couple of simple follow-up exercises to do at home that only took a few minutes. They helped to reinforce the message to my body and brain that those muscles were back in business.

She explained that, if you don't do the exercises, the healing process takes a lot longer - and you need more sessions.

After a couple of months, I found that I no longer needed to do them. (Sue Anne might disagree...) My arm has been fully functional ever since and pain-free after years of agony!

Same thing happened with a knee problem I had for the last three months. One session of M.A.T. and a few quick daily exercises and my knee is going strong, instead of stabbing me with pain at every step.

Frankly, it feels like a miracle to me.

How did Muscle Activation
Techniques start?

Muscle Activation Techniques were developed by Greg Roskopf, a strength and conditioning specialist who spent many years figuring out why some people are injured by the very same exercises that work fine for other people.

His career over the past two decades has focussed on how our muscles and pain affect each other. Obviously, with M.A.T., he has come up with a brilliant way of stopping pain from injury and chronic muscle pain by re-activating the muscles. He has worked with the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.

Now, people all over the world are training in Muscle Activation Techniques and using them to help...

  • athletes recover from physical competition and prevent injuries
  • people with arthritis and joint problems
  • people with chronic muscle-related problems
  • people like you and me who have aches and pains from sitting at the computer or being a weekend warrior.

What to wear to a
Muscle Activation Techniques session

Stretchy, comfortable yoga or workout clothes are perfect for a session of Muscle Activation Techniques. © Karen Alison

Yoga clothes, workout clothes - stretchy, comfortable clothing that allows you to move and bend your arms and legs freely and allow the practitioner to move them as needed.

If you can't move or bend easily, don't worry! The practitioner will help you get there (although it may take longer than one session.)

How long does it take?

Are you going to get better in one session like I did? I have no idea.

Everyone's body, state of health, lifestyle and injuries are different, so all this will play into how many sessions you'll need.

If you've had chronic muscle pain for a long time, you may need a series of weekly Muscle Activation Technique appointments, but the goal is to resolve the condition completely. I can testify that it works!

Compare that to a lifetime of suffering or taking dangerous prescription drugs to mask the pain.

Why I like Muscle Activation Techniques

Do I need another reason to like M.A.T.? Not really! But here it is, anyway.

What I especially appreciate about this non-invasive, natural treatment is…

Since I’m 29 (again), if I’d gone to a doctor about my knee, I suspect the outcome would have been something like this…

“You have arthritis. Here’s a prescription. If that doesn’t help, come back for a cortisone shot.”

I don’t have arthritis and don’t take medication, so that advice would have been worse than useless to me.

Perhaps I’m being unfair to some doctors, but the scenario above is exactly what happened to a relative, who is now in a wheelchair after 5 cortisone shots over a couple of decades.

She does have arthritis, but how much of that could have been resolved with M.A.T.? How much better could her mobility and quality of life have been if she'd had some Muscle Activation Techniques sessions? We'll never know.

But now you know about M.A.T. so you have options.

Find out if you have a muscle activation problem and get it solved!

Are you scheduled for hip or knee surgery?

By the way, Dr. Mitchell Yass, author of the The Pain Cure Rx, says that 90 percent of hip and knee replacement surgeries are unnecessary. Why?

Because the patients are having muscle problems not joint problems!!!

So, if you are scheduled for this type of surgery, you might want to consider visiting a Muscle Activation Techniques practitioner first to find out if you're in the 90 percent...

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