Natural Cure for UTI

Do you have chronic cystitis or
repeat bladder infections?

This 5-step natural cure for UTI is designed to help you permanently clear up chronic or frequent urinary tract infections…

When you suffer from repeated UTI’s, it’s likely that you have three related problems:

  • an overgrowth of Candida yeast in your body
  • dysbiosis or unbalanced gut flora, and
  • leaky gut syndrome.

It’s also a signal that your immune system needs a boost, otherwise, it would be able to control the yeast.

Drugs, especially antibiotics which are made from mould, and birth control pills, unbalance your body chemistry. © Karen Alison

Every body has some Candida yeast.

But drugs, especially antibiotics which are made from mould, birth control pills, sugar, stress and chemical toxins unbalance your body chemistry.

This allows yeast, fungal toxins and other pathogenic microbes in your intestines to go wild. They grow out of control and leak out into your body, leading to UTIs, cystitis, yeast infections and fungal infections among many other health problems.

The natural cure for chronic UTI is this...

You must get yeast and fungus under control, heal your gut, and strengthen your immune system. Once you do, urinary tract infections should become a thing of the past.

Your 5-step natural cystitis
treatment plan

Your body is not a collection of unrelated parts. It's an integrated system where everything affects everything else.

So, when you have a chronic health problem like a recurrent UTI, it's not enough to just focus on your urinary tract or bladder infection by itself.

You have to fix the system.

This 5-step process is designed to help you do that.

1. Use food as a natural cure for UTI
to starve Candida yeast and fungal toxins

The food of yeast and fungus is sugar, sweets, alcohol and fermented foods like vinegar and soy sauce. To starve the yeast, avoid all these things.

If you absolutely must have an alcoholic drink, Dr. James LaValle recommends you stick with vodka. But no fruit juice!

Also avoid yeasty and fungal foods like mushrooms, cheeses, the skin on fruit (yes, that innocent-looking apple and pear skin is yeasty), bread, TVP, processed foods, junk food and other products made with yeast.

Instead, eat real food, like you’ll find in the Paleo diet:

  • meat, fish, poultry, eggs
  • healthy fats
  • vegetables, especially dark, leafy greens
  • nuts and seeds
  • low-glycemic fruit like blueberries and grapefruit.
Eat real food, like dark leafy greens. © Karen Alison

This type of food is a core natural cure for UTI because it helps to heal your gut and strengthen your immune system so you won’t fall victim to another bladder infection triggered by yeast or E. coli.

Once you’ve solved your internal yeast problem, you’ll probably be able to go back to eating some of the foods you need to avoid now. Controlling Candida won’t happen overnight, so be prepared to follow a healthy, low-sugar diet for several weeks.

Begin this 5-step process with your anti-Candida, anti-UTI eating program to prepare your body. Then after a couple of weeks, add step 2. If you are already eating a fairly clean diet that is low-sugar and free of refined carbohydrates, you can go to step 2 now.

2. Take anti-fungals to kill yeast faster

Antifungals are amazing natural remedies that make it easier for your beneficial gut bacteria to flourish, which strengthens your immunity.

Because anti-fungals kill off the yeast and fungus, expect to go through some detoxing. That means a few days when you won’t feel so great. You might experience headaches, depression, fatigue, even flu-like symptoms.

But it’s worth it for the final result – better health, more energy, a stronger immune system and much less chance of another UTI.

Drink lots of quality water to flush out the toxins. Filtered water is your best choice of beverage when you’re going through this natural cure for UTI. Even coffee and tea may be contaminated with yeast and mould.

Here are my favourite Candida-killing anti-fungals.

Each is also a home remedy for bladder infection because they have antibacterial qualities that help to control pathogenic microbes (bad bacteria) like E. coli

  • Cat’s Claw
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Caprylic Acid
  • Garlic and Aged Garlic
  • Sage

The best way to take anti-fungals is to have a selection of four or five and rotate them.

You take a different one each day, then start over. That way, you won’t sensitize to any of them and they’ll continue to work well for you. My preference is to take capsules rather than alcohol-based tinctures.

3. Rebuild your healthy gut flora
and heal your leaky gut

Healthy gut flora is an essential natural cure for UTI because good bacteria…

  • helps to suppress Candida yeast and E. coli that lead to cystitis
  • is a crucial part of your immune system.

When you heal your leaky gut, you keep yeast and E. coli where they belong – inside your intestines. Otherwise, they migrate through holes in your intestinal walls (leaky gut) to other places in your body, like your urinary tract and start infections.

Rebuild gut flora with…

  • Probiotics – keep down the bad bacteria and yeasts, promote healthy gut flora
  • Butyric acid – anti-inflammatory, suppresses E. coli (important for UTI!) and cancer-signalling molecules
  • FOS – Fructo-oligosaccharides – feeds the probiotics but not the yeast

Heal your leaky gut and
restore the lining of your intestines with…

  • L-Glutamine
  • MSM powder 
  • Butyric Acid
  • Gluten-free diet – Gluten is notorious for opening gaps in the walls of your intestines so yeasts, E. coli and other molecules can leak out into your bloodstream.

4. Use natural products in your daily life
to protect your gut flora and immune system

Everything you inhale – like hairspray and perfume – or put on your skin, ends up inside your body. It’s like you’re eating it.

Do you use fabric softener? How about personal care, hair, beauty, and cleaning products made from chemicals?

Those chemicals end up in your liver and digestive system. They stress your immune system and help the bad gut flora – like yeast and fungus – to flourish.

That’s why petrochemical products will only make your Candida yeast and UTI problem worse.

The natural cure for UTI to support your immune system and good gut flora is… go natural and unscented! This will also help to protect you from chemical damage, cancer and neurological problems.

Choose natural…

  • Skin care
  • Cosmetics
  • Deodorant
  • Men's aftershave and cologne
  • Hair products
  • Laundry products
  • Household cleaners
  • Fabrics
  • Insect repellents
  • Candles
  • Glass or stainless steel (not "natural" but better than plastic) food storage containers

Toss these chemicals…

Take leftover paint cans and solvents to the toxic dump © Karen Alison
  • Chemical versions of everything on the list above
  • Air fresheners
  • Petrochemical scents, "fragrance" - a code word for chemical scent
  • Plastic wrap and plastic bags (just keep a few in a cookie tin, so you don’t have to breathe their plastic molecules all the time. Plastics are made from petrochemicals.) Use glass or stainless steel food storage containers to avoid getting toxins and false hormones from plastics in your food.
  • Leftover renovation materials like paints and solvents – these have to go to the toxic waste facility. That tells you something, doesn’t it?

5A. Use EFT Tapping to de-stress and
change subconscious beliefs that make you sick

If you're tempted to skip this step, don't! Dealing with the emotional drivers of UTI and other conditions will make an enormous difference to your health. Why?

For one thing, stress feeds Candida yeast and fungus by inhibiting your immune system.

And, as Dr. Bruce Lipton points out, subconscious programming is running your health and your life. So, until you address it, the same patterns - like recurring UTI - will keep showing up.

The only way to change that is with a mind-body technique like EFT Tapping that reaches beyond the level of the conscious mind.

Use EFT Tapping as a natural cure for UTI to…

  • De-stress by tapping on whatever is bothering you.
  • Address symptoms, by tapping on any physical discomfort you feel – both UTI symptoms and symptoms from detoxing Candida yeast.
  • Release subconscious beliefs and old emotional trauma that cause health problems like recurrent urinary tract infections.
  • Change your energy to a focus on healing and self empowerment rather than feeling victimized by your body or the "health care" system.

Don’t know how to tap? Click here for instructions or watch this video. Then see 5B for a tapping script you can use as a natural cure for UTI.

5B. Louise Hay Affirmations

You Can Heal Your Life by Loiuse Hay © Karen Alison

In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, the great teacher of self-healing, Louise Hay, says that bladder problems and cystitis probably have to do with:

“Anxiety. Fear of letting go. Holding on to old ideas. Being pissed off.”

Repressed, unrecognized or deeply held anger is a theme that also comes up when you look at the homeopathic natural remedies for UTI.

Louise Hay suggests this affirmation as a natural cure for UTI:

“I comfortably and easily release the old and welcome the new in my life. I am safe.”

The method she recommends is to repeat this affirmation over and over until it replaces the old belief. It works – millions of people have successfully used her method – but I prefer to speed up the process by adding EFT Tapping which is a more recent technique.

Here’s a combination of EFT Tapping and Louise Hay affirmations to use as a home remedy for bladder infection and UTI…

KC: Even though I have this painful UTI, I accept myself anyway.
KC: Even though I’m pissed off, I am safe.
KC: Even though I’m anxious and afraid to let go, I’m ready to release the old and welcome the new.

EFT Tapping points © Karen AlisonEFT Tapping points

EB: I have a horrible, painful UTI
SE: I’m pissed off
UE: I feel anxious
UN: I’m afraid to let go
CH: It will hurt
CB: I’m holding on to old ideas
UA: They feel safe to me
H: I’m pissed off, even if I can’t feel it

EB: I’m afraid to let go
SE: It stings and burns
UE: What if I could release the old comfortably and easily?
UN: I’d like to welcome the new into my life
CH: And feel safe
CB: I choose to let go of the past
UA: I’ve decided to feel safe
H: I choose to heal and approve of myself.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. And let it out with a long, relaxing exhale.

Now, check in with yourself. Do you need to tap another round or two? Has another thought or issue come up? If so, tap on that.

As you can see, this 5-step natural cure for UTI is a process that involves some changes in your lifestyle and thinking. It’s a small price to pay to lose the burning and agony of urinary tract infections.

Dealing with the causes of the infection will also help to improve your general health now and in the future, if you stick with it.

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