Natural Remedies for Gout - Cherries

Delicious sweet or tart cherries are one of the best natural remedies for gout.

What’s so special about them?

Cherries contain healthy anthocyanins that lower the uric acid levels in your blood. Too much uric acid causes those painful crystals that make a gout attack hurt so much.

Cherries also help to reduce inflammation without all the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. Less inflammation means less pain. Gout is considered a type of arthritis and cherries can help with arthritis pain.

Cherries reduce uric acid and inflammation to fight gout © Karen Alison

A 2002 study at the University of California Davis, published in the Journal of Nutrition, found that when you eat cherries, they decrease your uric acid and inflammation.

Or, as they put it:

"...the decrease in plasma urate after cherry consumption supports the anti-gout reputation of cherries. The trend toward decreased plasma concentrations of the inflammatory markers CRP and NO adds to the in vitro evidence that compounds in cherries may inhibit inflammatory pathways." Read the full study report here.

What kind of cherries make the best natural remedies for gout?

Both sweet and tart cherries are natural remedies for gout although tart cherries have the edge over sweet. Some sources say they pack twice the healing power.

You can get your cherry benefits in any of these forms:

  • fresh cherries in season
  • frozen
  • juice
  • dried
  • concentrate
  • capsules

How much should I take ? 

How much cherry goodness do you need? While everyone agrees that cherries are one of the most delicious natural remedies for gout, no one seems to agree about the exact amount you need.

Here are some guidelines:

Whether you’ve chosen to consume the fresh fruit, juice, concentrate or whatever, do have some every day.

Experiment until you find the smallest dose that works for you. Some sources tell you to eat half a pound of the fruit each day to remedy your gout. Others suggest that you can eat as few as 2 to 3 cherries a couple of times a day.

Here’s what researchers say:

A study at Boston University Medical Center found that eating only 10 cherries a day cut your chance of having a gout attack by 50 percent!

Patients at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey were given a cherry juice extract. It worked just as well as eating the fresh fruit to reduce gout attacks. The dose was one tablespoon of extract twice a day.

If you are taking capsules, follow the recommendations on the bottle.

But what about gout and fructose? Cherries contain fructose! 

Yes, fructose is a big problem for gout and fruit is full of it! So is anything that contains sugar. Scientists have known since the 1960's that fructose raises the amount of uric acid in your blood, causing gout pain.

But the anthocyanins in cherries make them one fruit where your uric acid levels go down instead of up. So you don’t need to worry about the fructose. When you think of natural cures for gout, Nature certainly packed a lot of benefits into this one. And they taste great, too. What could be better?

Do other fruits contain anthocyanins? 

Yes! And these other fruits make great natural remedies, although whether they will work as well as cherries for gout is a question. If you don’t like cherries, try some of the fruits on the list below.

Anthocyanins are health-promoting flavonoids found in plants that have rich, dark colours and pigments, such as: 

Natural remedies for gout - berries contain healing anthocyanins © Karen Alison
  • Black currants, red currants
  • Wild blueberries
  • Black or red raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Chokecherry
  • Açai
  • Lingon berries

All of these have powerful health benefits, so add them to your arsenal of natural remedies for gout. They’re also fairly low in fructose – a bonus for gout sufferers.

Cherries are the fruit most often used as a natural treatment for gout. Enjoy some cherry power every day and watch those symptoms vanish.

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