Natural Remedies for
Hot Flashes:

Free Yourself From THIS Deadly Threat!

One of the most valuable natural remedies for hot flashes and night sweats isn’t a remedy you take but something you do. You rarely hear about this remedy but it will give you an easy, comfortable menopause and can even help to save your life.

It also works for PMS and other reproductive issues, so you might want to share this information with your younger friends and relatives.

What is this natural remedy for hot flashes? It’s when you…

Free yourself from toxic xeno-hormones

What are xeno-hormones? Xeno means “foreign.”

Xeno hormones are foreign or imitation hormones – invaders that lock into the receptor sites where your real hormones are supposed to fit. They stop your natural hormones from doing their proper jobs in your body, which is extremely dangerous for your health.

They are also known as xeno estrogens, endocrine disruptors and hormones mimics.

You can imagine the havoc they cause – especially for your reproductive system. No wonder you have hot flashes!

Besides hot flushes and night sweats, Dr. John Lee - who wrote two myth-busting books about menopause and pre-menopause - says xenohormones are linked to:

  • Breast cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • PMS
  • Breast fibroids
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fat retention and edema
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Infertility
  • and for men, prostate cancer

Since xeno hormones cause all this trouble, it makes sense to avoid them as much as you possibly can.

All the women I know who’ve done this had easy, comfortable experiences with menopause. No night sweats, no hot flushes. That’s why I think freeing yourself from these hormone imposters is one of the most effective natural remedies for hot flashes you can use.

Where do xeno hormones come from?

Xeno hormones come from...

  • plastics, vinyl and polyester
  • chemical fragrances and cosmetics, sunscreen
  • personal care products, antibacterial products
  • household cleaning products and air fresheners
  • canned food (from the plastic liner in the can)
  • fire retardants
  • solvents and glues
  • building materials
  • pesticides and herbicides 
  • other products made from petrochemicals.

How to protect yourself from xenohormones

Take actions that are life-saving natural remedies for hot flashes. (I'll explain what they are.)

Focus on keeping chemicals off your skin, out of your household air, and out of your food and water.

Isn't your skin a barrier to chemicals? No!

Your skin absorbs molecules of everything you put on it or next to it, including the chemicals in your clothes and bedding. Those molecules can then migrate throughout your body to cause damage.

To protect yourself from xenohormones...

  • Use natural products. You can read about this in more detail farther down the page because it sounds simple but you may get some surprises.
  • Eat organic, whole foods rather than packaged, processed or canned foods, to avoid chemical pesticides, herbicides and preservatives.
  • Beware of chemical insecticides for skin, lawn, garden and house and find natural versions. (And don't use chemicals on your children's sensitive skin!) I’ve been hiking for years in mosquito-infested woods and have kept the bugs away with a tea-tree oil and citronella bug lotion, or wearing a “bug net” over my face, and long sleeves.
  • Never cook with plastic. I store my leftovers in glass jars or stainless steel containers.
  • Use good-quality water. The most cost-effective option is to find out what contaminants are in your tap water by reading the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) from your water utility company, then choosing a water filter that deals with those contaminants.
  • If you’re quite sensitive and have frequent hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms, use completely unscented products. Even if they’re already all-natural, the unscented versions make the best natural remedies for hot flashes.

Read labels!

Read product labels closely. Even so-called "natural" products in the health food store can have problem ingredients.

Natural scents are usually fine but whenever you see the word “fragrance” in a list of product ingredients, it’s code for “chemically-manufactured scent.”

The problem with chemical scents is that they contain hundreds of ingredients, some of which disrupt your sensitive reproductive and endocrine systems. Others may cause cancer.

When you’re having hot flashes, you don’t need any more disruptions. Chemical products are not safe – whether you put them on your skin, your hair, your laundry, your dishes, your furniture or your floor.

Read more about what to watch out for.

Your bedroom is one of your
best natural remedies for hot flashes

The most important place to use natural products is in your bedroom – especially if you have night sweats. When you sleep, your body should be doing its healing and recovering from the day.

But if your room is full of scented and chemical products, your body will be so busy coping with these toxins, you’ll be lucky to get any rest at all.

You can turn everything in your bedroom into helpful natural remedies for hot flashes. First, check for…

  • fabric softener and scented laundry detergent on all your clothes and bedding
  • dry-cleaned clothes
  • plastic bags and storage containers
  • bottles of perfume
  • scented lotions and other personal care products
  • synthetic cosmetics
  • synthetic carpeting and broadloom
  • unsealed plywood and particle board in furniture and flooring
  • scented candles
  • scented drawer liners
  • pot pourri, air freshener

Then, take these...

Action steps that are
natural remedies for hot flashes…

 Here's how to protect your health in your bedroom...

  • Hang those dry cleaned clothes in the guest room, air them outdoors before wearing or just wear natural fibers that don't need dry cleaning. Perchloroethylene is a carcinogen.
  • Throw out the fabric softener and use a natural version or dryer balls.
  • Wash clothes with unscented laundry detergent.
  • Give away your synthetic perfumes and scented personal care products and buy natural versions.
  • Toss the scented drawer liners, pot pourri and air fresheners.
  • Rip out the broadloom - wool or cotton carpeting is fine.
  • If the floor under the broadloom was raw plywood or you have particle board furniture, seal it with a wood sealer that blocks formaldehyde, such as Safe Coat Safe Seal and/or Hard Seal.
  • Natural hardwood or ceramic tile floors are healthy choices.
  • Use beeswax candles instead of paraffin which is a by-product of petroleum.
  • Once you take these action steps, you will likely find you no longer need or want any air fresheners. The best air freshener is to open a window. In the bathroom, light a match or candle to burn up the smell.

I know doing this might be a challenge. If you’re already feeling tired and overwhelmed, it might seem impossible. But start somewhere. You’ll be amazed by the results (in a good way!)

All of these action steps are highly effective natural remedies for hot flashes. They also help to protect you from cancer, inflammatory conditions and brain degeneration.

You don’t have to do everything at once!

If it all seems like too much, just do these two things…

  1. Clear your bedroom and bathroom of plastics and the most obvious sources of scent.
  2. Switch to natural and unscented laundry products, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

This will take an enormous burden off your body and brain. You will probably find that you have fewer headaches, your thinking is clearer, and you have more energy instead of fatigue.

But I love my scents :(

I know. I used to love mine, too. The problem is, they don’t love you back.

Here's a tip... When it feels like too much of a wrench to give or throw away your favourite harmful chemicals, try some EFT tapping on those feelings and help your emotional self to catch up with your logical mind.

If you find you’re so attached to your scented, chemical products that you just can’t bear to get rid of them, at least…

Try this experiment for a month...

  1. Collect all the plastic bags from your bedroom and bathroom.
  2. Throw them away or store them in an airtight container like an industrial-sized cookie or popcorn tin or glass jar.
  3. Collect all the scented and chemical products from your bedroom and bathroom.
  4. Put them into a box.
  5. Tape the box shut and put it in your garage or somewhere you can’t get to it easily – preferably a place that’s outside your home air supply, like a garden shed.
  6. Leave it there for a month. In the meantime, use some unscented, natural products like shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand lotion, etc. (You don’t need to replace all your products right away, just the ones you use most often - and that impact your skin the most.)

And by the way, just because perfume or lotion is in a bottle with a lid doesn’t mean it’s safe. Products evaporate from closed bottles all the time - unless they are factory-sealed or vacuum sealed. When they leak their toxic molecules, they are “out-gassing” xeno estrogens into the air you breathe.

That's why they are the opposite of natural remedies for hot flashes.

Before you start your experiment with freeing your bedroom from xenohormones, write down how you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. Note how often you have hot flashes.

Over the month, notice any changes and write them down. Is your thinking clearer? Do you sleep better? Do you have more energy? And are your hot flashes fewer or less intense?

When the month ends... can go and open the box. But do it in the garage or outdoors.

When I did this, I got a horrible shock. All those scented products I thought I loved didn’t smell so great to me any more. In fact, they made me feel sick! My eyes ran, I coughed and gagged, and I couldn't believe how much they stank.

If that happens to you, that’s your body’s true reaction to those products. Scary, isn’t it?

But don’t “They” make sure
our products are safe?

The short answer is “No!”  There is no “They” out there who makes sure every single product you use is safe. So you really have to protect yourself.

In my experience, if you want to use one of the very best natural remedies for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, then free yourself from plastics and chemical products with their toxic xeno hormones.

If you have a daughter who has menstrual trouble or PMS, using natural and unscented products and freeing your home environment from xeno hormones will make an enormous difference for her, too.

Going chemical-free is more than a home remedy for hot flashes and night sweats – it benefits women of all ages! 

Your men and your pets will be healthier, too.

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