Natural Remedies for Sleep 

Palming - A Unique Way to Relax

Palming is one of those natural remedies for sleep that looks very simple. So simple, you might be tempted to ignore it.

Palming relaxes you deeply so you can have a refreshing sleep. © Karen AlisonPalming


Palming is a wonderful way to relax yourself deeply so you can have a refreshing sleep. It...

  • soothes your nervous system 
  • calms stress
  • relaxes your eyes (and relaxed eyes tend to see better)
  • releases tension from your muscles.

Yet it’s so easy, even a child can do it.

So, what is palming, exactly?

Palming is covering your eyes with the palms of your hands, to block out all the light. I told you it was easy!

Why in the world would this help you sleep? Because, when you are in complete darkness, your eye muscles and your optic nerve relax, and when they relax, your whole body relaxes. Zzzzzzz….

Howzat? Relaxing my eyes is one of the
best natural remedies for sleep?

Absolutely! Your eyes are amazing. In fact, every day you use them so much that if you worked the rest of your body as hard as your eyes, you’d be an Olympic athlete. (Really!)

When you give your eye muscles a chance to loosen up, many of your other muscles get the same idea. There’s a domino effect as the relaxation spreads through your body.

palming sitting up © Karen AlisonRelax your optic nerve

Your optic nerve buzzes with information all day long, carrying the visual messages from your eye to your brain. Even when you sleep, it doesn’t stop, but stays busy processing the visuals from your dreams. So it doesn’t often get a chance to gear down.

But when you cover up your eyes with your hands for a few minutes… Ahhh! The optic nerve gets a nice rest.

And because your optic nerve is linked to all the other nerves in your body and brain, when it calms down, so do they.

Isn’t it amazing to think that something as simple as palming could be one of the great natural remedies for sleep?

How to get the most out of palming
for better sleep... 7 simple steps

Palming while sitting at a table © Karen AlisonPalming at a table

The whole point of palming your eyes is to RELAX, so here are some tips:

1. Take off your glasses or contacts. Now, lie on your back. You can arrange some pillows to help prop up your arms so you don’t have to work at keeping them up, if that's more comfortable.

You can also palm sitting up if you prefer. If you choose to sit up, make sure your arms are supported by a table with cushions or books.

Or sit on the couch or floor with your back against the wall and your knees bent, and rest your elbows on your knees.

Back against a wall

2. The point of doing this is to get your elbows up high enough so you can put your hands over your eyes, while keeping your spine straight and your head and neck upright.

If you have to bend your head down to reach your hands, you’re going to put pressure on your neck and block your breathing. (Your lungs can’t expand fully when you’re hunched over. If you can't breathe properly, you won't relax.)

3. Rub your hands together to warm them up and get the energy flowing. Your hands can direct healing energy to your eyes while you are palming. This is why it’s best to use your hands rather than putting a sleep mask over your eyes.

Natural remedies for sleep - palming while lying down. © Karen AlisonPalming lying down

4. Now place your hands gently over your eyes, so your fingers are on your forehead and the heels of your hands are on your cheekbones. Your palms will be cupped over your eyes. NEVER press on your eyes. You want them to relax, not support the weight of your hands.

5. You can place your hands so they are straight up and down across your eyes OR you can cross your fingers on your forehead, so one set of fingers is under the other.

6. By now, your eyes should be in complete darkness, especially if you are in a darkened room.


Palming is one of those natural remedies for sleep that involves your body AND your mind.

7. So while you’re palming, think relaxing thoughts.

Imagine yourself at your favourite beach, listening to the sound of the waves gently lapping against the shore.

Hate beaches?

Then just picture yourself in the place where you feel safe and relaxed – even if that is an imaginary place. Let yourself enjoy the peacefulness of being there.

You can even meditate while you’re palming, listen to a meditation recording or to quiet, relaxing music. The Spa channel on Sirius XM is a good choice.

Natural remedies for sleep - visualize a peaceful place © Karen Alison

If you want to really relax your eyes, your optic nerve and your whole body, imagine that you are seeing only dark, dark, velvety black. This is one of the best natural remedies for sleep because when you see black inside your closed eyes, your mind and body relax completely.

If you are a person who wears glasses or contacts or you spend a lot of time on the computer, you might see lines, squiggles, colours, dots of light or other visuals when you close your eyes to palm. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal. It just means your eyes and optic nerve are still busy. Eventually, these will fade as you relax. It may take a while to see black, but you can get there.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Let go of the cares of the day. Allow yourself to release all tension as your eyes relax. Have a good sleep!

Palming FAQs

Palming makes me anxious! What should I do?

Will you be able to use palming as one of your natural remedies for sleep if it makes you anxious and uncomfortable?

There are a couple of actions you can take. One is to use EFT Tapping on your anxiety. Another is to use a strategy from meditation and when the anxiety or discomfort arises, just witness it without judging or getting involved with it. After all, anxious thoughts and feelings come and go. Watch them come and let them go.

If you really feel scared, see an EFT tapping professional for help.

You can also work with Louise Hay affirmations. When you have fear or anxiety, repeat to yourself, “All is well and I am safe.” “I am safe in the universe and all Life loves and supports me.” We often scare ourselves with our thoughts. But, as Louise points out, a thought can be changed to a better one!

Some of the fears that come up when you are very quiet are from old childhood experiences. The reality is, those things are no longer happening. So keep reminding yourself that you are in the present, a long way from childhood.

You are no longer that small vulnerable person and you are now safe. (Keep bringing yourself back into the present.) Trust me, if you let those fears come and go, they will fade away. If you try to hide from them, they will take over.

Can I wear my glasses or contacts while I’m palming?

No. For palming to work , you want to be able to relax your eyes without glasses or contacts in the way. I found palming to be one of the best natural remedies for sleep - but not with anything on my face.

Anyway, who wears their glasses when they're sleeping?

Can’t I just use a sleep mask to do the same thing?

No. As a human, you are an electro-magnetic being. You can use your hands to direct energy to your eyes. If all you want is darkness, yes, you could just use a sleep mask, but why miss out on the healing in your own hands?

I’ve heard palming is an exercise for improving vision. Will palming make my eyesight better?

It is definitely possible. Palming is not just a natural remedy for sleep.

Stressed, tired, squinting eyes with tight eye muscles don’t see as well as relaxed, comfortable eyes. When you really learn to relax your eyes and you are getting a good night’s sleep, you may well find that your vision improves. To learn more about palming and eyesight, read this article by natural vision teacher, Elizabeth Abraham.

Natural remedies for sleep - dogs can sleep anywhere. © Karen AlisonCould this be the reason some of us have trouble sleeping? How many dogs fit on your bed?

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