Touch for Health Saved My Son's Life


Touch for Health? What's that? I knew nothing about it until desperation drove us out of the hospital and into the world of natural remedies and natural healing.

When my son was a child, he had severe allergies. By the time he was 8 years old, he was not growing and the enamel was not forming on his teeth.

I took him to all sorts of doctors but finally, they told me, "There's nothing we can do. You'll have to send him to Texas to live inside a hypo-allergenic bubble." It was clear they didn't think he would last long, even in the artificial world of the bubble. It was heart-breaking news, especially since we had "tried everything" modern medicine had to offer.

But I decided we'd had enough of doctors' advice. My family and I knew we'd rather that he died in my arms in his own home, surrounded by people who loved him, than 3,000 miles away in a plastic bubble, with tubes stuck in every orifice.

At that point, we began to investigate natural options. Eventually, we found a woman who did Touch for Health - a form of healing that uses applied kinesiology and acupressure to rebalance the client. She worked with my son to "de-sensitize" him to the many allergens that were blocking his health and growth.

Amazingly, it worked, and while he never grew to be as tall as his 6-foot plus father, he did grow up! He was able to go to university and today - many years later - has a thriving career in the downtown of a major city - something that would be a challenge for most people with multiple chemical, food and environmental sensitivities.

I am very grateful to have discovered Touch for Health because it gave my son back his life.

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I Love Touch For Health, Too!
by: Karen of

Thank you to this writer for her inspiring story. How amazing that she was persistent enough to find a way to bring her son back to health!

I've used Touch for Health, too, and even trained in it because I found it so helpful.

What interests me is that most of us don't realize we are reacting to different substances, whether foods or chemicals, because they don't fall into the category of classic medically-recognized allergies.

When I worked with Touch for Health, I learned that so many of those symptoms that we take for granted, like a chronic cough or digestive problem, foggy thinking and fatigue, or even emotional distress like anxiety, can be triggered by some of these substances.

And by being out of balance energetically! Touch for Health works with the meridian system - the same system of energy pathways and vortices (or points) that are used in TCM, acupuncture, acupressure, and EFT Tapping.

Touch for Health also uses applied kinesiology, which is a very efficient way of testing the body to see where it is out of balance.

Touch for Health and EFT Tapping are the type of natural remedies that may require a practitioner if your symptoms are quite serious.

But they are also techniques you can learn to do yourself for your own family - so they give you more control over your own health - which is another reason I love them.

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